Saturday 22 January 2011

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News: RHCB's Paranormal Romance Virtual Panel Event on Once Upon a Bookcase!

Big, big news, guys! Once Upon a Bookcase is collaborating with Random House Children's Books UK to bring you...


fallen by lauren kate the iron witch by karen mahoney shadows by amy meredith

Yes, you read that right! On 4th February at 5.00pm GMT for one hour, with the help of Chatroll, you will get the chance to have a live chat event with the authors of Fallen, The Iron Witch, and Shadows about writing YA paranormal romance - their writing, their influences, their reading, etc!

Why am I telling you so early? Because these things need to be organised! If you want to be involved, there are somethings you need to do.

  • Fill in the form below with one question you would like to ask the authors by 28th February - only one because there are bound to be so many of you who want to take part, and we would like the authors to bounce off each other. The authors will get through as many of the questions sent in as possible in the one hour.
  • Also include the username you will go by. You do not have to be registered with Chatroll to take part, they allow guests - and as a guest, you can choose your own username. I suggest, if you're a blogger, your username is something others will recognise you as, either your name_blog, or something along those lines. Please no weird confusing names! BoOkFan877542 just isn't necessary. If you don't want to use your real name, feel free to use a fake one.
EDIT: The date to submit questions has been extended for a few days so more questions can come in. Please get those questions in ASAP!

Why do I need all this? Because it's going to be a live chat with lots of people chatting at once, and the authors won't know who to answer. This way, with the questions in advance, they can have some idea what they'll be talking about, and there can be some sort of order over the chat as I or Lauren, Senior Press Officer Extraodinaire at RHCB, who will also be a moderator, can direct each person to ask their question and when, i.e "Our fifth question comes from Sam" - Sam then asks question. Make sense?

Because we're getting questions in in advance, does that mean you can't ask questions during the actual event? No it doesn't. Sure, people are bound to want to bounce off other people - blogger and author alike - as this will be a discussion, you just not might have your question answered as the advanced questions will take priority to keep things moving. This may seem harsh, but it's to prevent any confusion and make it interesting!

If there are any questions about all of this, please leave them in the comments, and I will get back to you with an answer, or as soon as I have an answer!

I look forward to seeing you there! Please feel free to spread the word! Let's make it a really great event! If you can post the banner below on your blog, with a link to this post, I would be extremely, grateful!

virtual panel event

No longer accepting any more questions! Panel is over!


  1. So excited to have heard about this! Thanks for posting. I hope you don't mind but I created a little Blog Post about this because I figure the more people know about the more questions, thus the more we can know :)


  2. No problem! Of course I don't mind, the more who post, the more who take part! I really appreciate it, thank you!