Tuesday 12 October 2010

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Revolution Blog Tour: Jennifer Donnelly's Favourite Cities

I am fortunate enough to be taking part in the Blog Tour for Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly and have a guest from from Jennifer sharing with us her favourite cities.

Jennifer DonnellyBrooklyn
Some people think it’s one of the five boroughs of New York City, but those of us who’ve spent any amount of time there know it’s its own sovereign republic. Brooklyn is a magical place to me. I got married there, in my own backyard. Got published there. I brought my daughter home from the hospital to our brownstone on a sunny day when all the roses in our garden were in bloom. I sat on our stoop so many nights and dreamed big dreams and they came true. Brooklyn made me. I have left it, but it will never leave me.

A place of music and ghosts, and one that makes me happy just to be alive. When I go to Laduree, and the shop assistant puts my modest order of macaroons in an exquisite little pastel box, I feel understood. The French, better than all the rest of us, understand what small perfections do for the soul.

One day I should probably go see Buckingham Palace, or tour the Houses of Parliament, instead of always making a beeline for the East End, but I love the river so much and the old warehouses and the dockside pubs. I love Whitechapel with its old buildings and lanes. I love the people and their musical, muscular language.

revolution by jennifer donnellyPrague
I’ve never been, but I love the sound of it, and all the sophistication and worldliness it confers. I love to drop the name into conversations. “I hear springtime in Prague is not to be missed,” or “Have you ever stayed at the Zlata Husa? Where is it? Why, in Prague, darling! In Prague!” I think it makes me sound terribly well-traveled, when in reality I rarely get farther than Poughkeepsie.

Oh, that castle! And the Fringe and the Book Festival! There is so much to see and do. Everywhere you look, it’s books and theater and films and music. I get giddy on it all. I love walking up the hill to the castle during the Fringe and stopping to watch every street performer, especially the Space Cowboy, who has tattoos of angel’s wings down his back.

What a great post, huh? Read the first chapter of Revolution here. Revolution is released today in the US and tomorrow in the UK You can buy it from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Be sure to check out Jennifer's website, and her new Facebook page.

Tomorrow, head on over to Bloggers Heart Books for the next stop in the tour.


  1. Oh man, I want to go to all of these cities now! Especially Paris. *sigh*

  2. I'm a new follower and love your blog already!!! What a fantastic day to visit as well!!!

    This post was amazing!!! All of the movies I watch they treat Brooklyn as this silly little place that is nothing like New York (in a bad way) and Jennifer completely changed my thought process, what a beautiful place it sounds!! Near and dear to the heart!!

    Checking out Revolution now!

  3. Is this a YA or an adult book? The UK cover art feels YA to me, but when I clicked on the link and saw the US cover, I became convinced it must be adult. Well, it looks great either way - I love timeslip books, and there aren't nearly enough out there at the moment.

  4. Sophie - I know exactly what you mean!

    Jen - Thanks for following! I know what you mean, it's not portrayed in the best light.

    Zoe - It's a YA book; it focusses on two teenage girls in two different time periods. I can't wait to read it! :)