Friday 1 October 2010


News: Ivy4Evr - The Second Pilot Update

Here's the Ivy4Evr update, as promised...

Ivy has left home because Lilsis has done the dirty on her and she's no longer sure who her friends are.

For a week she'll tell you **everything** but can she trust you and what will you tell her?

Ivy4Evr is an SMS drama for teenagers created by the BAFTA-nominated interactive artists’ group Blast Theory, written by Tony White author of novels including Foxy-T (Faber and Faber) and commissioned by Channel 4 Education.

Ivy4Evr uses SMS to go places that other dramas can’t go - onto your phone and into your pocket. Ivy becomes part of your life over seven days, getting ever more intimate with you. Ivy wriggles into your life, sending you messages on the way to school, college or last thing at night. Ivy’s life is parallel to yours: she sends boozy updates late on Saturday night and sarcastic chat on a boring Sunday afternoon. And if you send her messages she will chat with you about sex, music and everything else that really matters to a teenager growing up in Britain today.

For seven days starting on 10th OCTOBER you will receive SMS messages from Ivy, you can send messages back and give her advice on the burning issues in her life.

Ivy4Evr is entirely SMS based. To sign up to participate is free, messages you receive from Ivy are free, SMS messages that you send to Ivy are sent to a standard mobile phone number and will be charged at your normal rate.

To register for the pilot episode please go to Everyone who registers and verifies by midnight on 9th OCTOBER goes into the running to win an iPad.

You can also search for Ivy4Evr on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Are you signing up for it this time, do you think? I loved hearing your thoughts on it last time!

  2. I signed up when the last one ended, so I should already be in the system. From the sounds of it though, it's the same storyline. Might be a waste of time to do it again. Will have to see.

  3. OHHH - maybe I could do it again, and give different responses. That might work. See what happens if I say the "wrong" thing.

  4. Honestly, I'm fascinated by all this! I'm pretty sure I'm too old for it, though. LOL. I'll be so interested to hear how you get on for a second time!

  5. I think, technically, I'm too old for this. I think it's supposed to be pilotted by teens. But shhh. Because I really am only 15... >.> Lol.
    I think it would be good. If I answer the questions as someone who knows practically nothing about STIs and possibly pregnant, it could be interesting to see how they deal with that.