Tuesday 28 September 2010

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Review: Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Crescendo by Becca FitzpatrickCrescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick (ARC) - WARNING! I cannot review this book without spoiling Hush, Hush, the first in the series. Do not read any further if you plan on reading Hush, Hush and do not want to be spoiled.

Nora should know better than to think her life can return to normal after falling in love with a fallen angel. And Nora's life isn't normal - her dad was murdered, and the facts about his death just don't add up. Now Nora's own life is in imminent danger. Are she and Patch strong enough for the battle ahead? From Amazon UK

After reading Hush, Hush and falling i love with Patch, and being completely swept away by the excitement, the danger and the mystery, I, just like so many other YA fans, have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Crescendo. Now I have it and I've read it. Oh my god, you have no idea how much I loved this book! Well worth waiting a year for!

The first half of the book was a bit of a let down, but not in a huge way. I had my hopes too high for the book to start off exciting straight away, but obviously the story has to be set up. It does take a while to get going, but it's necessary for what happens later on. It's like a rollercoaster, it takes it's time chugging up the hill, but once it reaches the top, it soars down.

And boy, does it soar! As Fitzpatrick promised in interviews across numerous blogs, we finally find out what happened to Nora's Dad, and just wow! There is so much mystery behind it. secrets going deeper than you would expect, and Nora finds herself in danger yet again. Crescendo is actin packed and creepy, and just awesome!

I'm still loving the characters. Sometimes Nora drove me round the bend with not talkig, with not saying what was on her mind and asking the right questions when it came to Patch - the girl needs to learn to communicate a little bit more. However, I love how she's so human. She makes mistakes, but you can forgive her for them. She also doesn't have the answers falling into place unrealistically when it comes to the mysterious; she's bright and thinks things through, and can be resourceful when necessary. She works damn hard to work out the things she does, but even then she works harder to put everything together. I did guess quite a few things right before Nora did, but that's not to say Crescendo is predictable, I also guessed several things wrong.
Patch is still as sexy as ever, but it would have been nice to have seen more of him, and being a little more flirty when he was there, but I understand the reason for him not being about as much.
There was a new arrival in Crescendo, Scott; someone Nora knew when she was a child. You never really know whether to trust him or not, he's a bit shifty and has his own secrets to hide. I liked him though, even when he was being creepy - hey, we liked Patch didn't we? And we all know what his original intentions were!

Crescendo is quite simply amazing! Is it as good as Hush, Hush? If not, it wasn't far off! And such a killer cliffhanger! If you loved Hush, Hush, then you should definitely read Crescendo! I can't wait to read what Fitzpatrick writes next!

Published: 14th October 2010 in UK, 19th October 2010 in US
Publisher: Simon Pulse UK, Simon & Schuster US
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Becca Fitzpatrick's Website

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  1. I'm reading this at the moment and LOVING it. Though Nora frustrates me quite a lot.

  2. I loooved it! Nora did annoy me a little, but I thought it was understandable. It was amazing! :D

  3. I'm really glad you guys enjoyed/are enjoying it - I can't wait. Great review :)

  4. I just read another review on this. It's going to be great I just need to get time to devour it.

  5. Bookgirl - Thank you! It's a brilliant book! Really hope you like it when you read it! :)

    Liz - It's fantastic, I hope you enjoy it!

    Yiota - Oooh, thanks! I'll check it out now! :)

  6. Great review, Jo. I loved this too. I actually thought Nora was better this time around!

  7. Thank you! Oh, nooo, she needed to talk to Patch more! If she had, they might not have been in all that mess! Lol.