Thursday 5 November 2009

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Once Upon a Week: Starring In My Own Fairy Tale

once upon a week bannerAs part of Once Upon a Week, Vanessa has asked us to take one of three quizzes to find out which fairy tale character we are, and to re-write the story with ourselves as the main chatacter. I took this quiz, and found out I was equally both Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White. Not being able to cast myself as both characters at the same time, I've instead tried to combine both stories, and make a modern-ish story, that could almost happen. Maybe. It's silly, it's not great, please don't take it too seriously, it's just for a laugh. And so on to the story!

Once upon a time, Jo woke up one morning, and was told by her Mum that her Nan was ill. Being the kind and caring granddaughter that she is, Jo offered to visit her Nan, and do any shopping that she needed doing.

At noon, Jo left home to make her way to the supermarket with a shopping list. When she got there, she was stopped by a homeless woman, who was asking for money. Having only left home with enough money to buy her sick Nan’s shopping, Jo was unable to give the woman any money. She told the woman this, making her apologies, and went to do buy her Nan’s food.
The homeless woman was angry with Jo’s refusal, and decided to visit this Nan of hers.

Unknown to everyone in the area, the homeless woman wasn’t very nice. In the past, she had tried to get her own back against those who didn’t help her, but this time she decided to go for Jo’s Nan. She knocked on Nan’s door, and Nan, thinking she was Jo, opened the door a little, told her not to come in so she wouldn’t catch anything. Pretending to be Jo, the woman handed Nan an apple through the small opening, saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Nan took the apple, and the woman left, smiling to herself. Nan went into her front room and ate the apple, thinking how lovely her granddaughter was.

Soon after, Jo arrived at her Nan’s. Having a key to her Nan’s house, Jo let herself in, and saw her Nan unconscious on the floor of the front room. The apple she had eaten was rotten, and being ill already, it had made her worse and she had collapsed. Jo immediately called an ambulance, and soon, Jo’s Nan was taken to the hospital.

After Nan had been helped into a bed by seven male nurses, who made sure she was comfortable and connected up to the right machines. After a short while, a doctor came in. He introduced himself to Jo as Dr. Charming, and he would make sure her Nan was better soon. He asked Jo to wait outside while he worked his magic.

An hour later, Jo went back in to find Nan awake, and starting to feel better all round. Dr. Charming had treated her illness as well as the effects of the rotten apple, and after staying overnight for observation, Nan would be allowed to go home the next day. And they all lived happily ever after.

The End. I hope you were able to decipher which parts of the story were supposed to be like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. As I said, it wasn't great, but it was hard! Trying to combine them, create a story that made sense, and make a story that was... slightly believable, well, I had trouble! But I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

What fairy tale character are you?


  1. This is great, Jo! Now I'm feeling pressure to make mine better.

    The linky will be posted early tomorrow (my time) so be sure and link up.

  2. Thanks, Vanessa! I think it's pretty terrible to be honest, lol. But I had a go! I look forward to reading everyone else's! I shall link it up later tomorrow (I haven't gone to bed yet, so "officially", it's not tomorrow until I get up, no matter what the time!).

  3. Lol, nice! Like the subtle references. :)

  4. It wasn't terrible! It must have been ridiculously hard to do both stories but I found the exucution was well done. It was funny and made me chukle - which was your goal anyway, right?

  5. That was fun..not terrible! You are always your worst critic! I had to take the quiz you linked to....looks like I'm quit a mix...Jack (in the Beanstalk), then Cinderella, Little Red, Snow White and Rapunzel. (Hmm, I knew I was complicated, but that proves it...)

  6. Jenn - Cheers! It's a little silly!

    Melissa - Yes, it was! Oh, hurrah! I succeeded! Lol. I'm glad you liked it!

    Gina - Oh, when you take the quiz, it gives you the result of how much you are like EACH character the quiz is using. It's the one with the most percent that you're most like. I got equal for both Snow White and Little Red. I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :)

  7. This was great! I liked how you combined the two fairy tales, and I was easily able to pick out which one influenced which part. Awesome job!

  8. Thank you! Wow, I'm surprised so many people actually like it, I thought it wasn't that great.

  9. How fun! I was little red riding hood too. She is not an easy one to write without seeming stupid. Well done!

  10. Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

  11. Fun! I like that you decided to combine and make a combo character.

  12. Cheers! I tried, I'm not sure if it worked all that well, though, lol.