Wednesday 14 October 2009

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Review: Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

hush, hush by becca FitzpatrickHush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (review copy) - Nora Grey lives the normal life of any teenager – that is until she gets a new biology partner, Patch. He’s rude, antagonising, and overly flirty, and Nora can’t stand him. What’s worse, he seems to show up where ever Nora goes, and knows more about her than anyone else. But what bothers Nora most is the strange attraction she has to him she can’t ignore no matter how she tries. But after several terrifying and unexplainable events take place which lead Nora to point the finger at Patch, she has to wonder if he’s dangerous as well as rude. Nora is determined to find out what’s going on, but the answers could be more than she bargained for, and could cost her her life.

Ever since I first the beautiful cover, I was intrigued by Hush, Hush. Then I saw several reviews, and I just knew this book would be amazing. Turns out I was right. This book is absolutely phenomenal!

I think it’s obvious where I’m going to start with this review; Patch. There’s a promotional banner for Hush, Hush making it’s round that says “Edward who? Meet Patch.” I couldn’t agree more. He is unbelievably sexy, flirty, and just utterly delicious – and that’s just personality wise. Everyone has their own imagination, and will visualise things differently, but this guy could not be better looking. Yes, he’s rude, he takes the mick out of Nora, and he deliberately tries to make her feel uncomfortable, but I think that makes him even more attractive because it’s not exactly malicious, he’s challenging her, and it’s awesome!

The storyline is just wow. Seriously, it’s amazing. The things that happen that you can find no explanation for, and trying to work out who has done what and why, will keep you turning the pages. You don’t get your answers until the end, but there’s so much going on, your interest won’t be lost. The action in Hush, Hush is similar to that in a teenage thriller, and is actually kind of scary; not in a horror way, but in a “oh my God, this could actually happen, and how on earth could there possibly be a way out of this?” way. It’s so good, you’ll be preparing to run in your own seat.

Nora is pretty much an every-girl. She’s just an ordinary teenager, and so is very easy to relate to. She’s also human, so mistakes are made that are just obvious to you as a reader. I’ve said before it’s similar to a teen thriller, and I’ll say it again; you know in movies, when someone hears a weird noise outside, so they leave to check it out, and you’re like “what are you doing?!”? That doesn’t happen in the book, but you have similar mistakes going on. This book would seriously make an amazing movie! Nora’s best mate, Vee, is fantastic. She’s confident, she’s flirty, and she pushes Nora to get herself out there. She’s also incredibly funny, and very brave. She’s just awesome.

I love the mythology of the fallen angels in this book, which I can’t get into here as it would spoil it. This being only the second book I’ve read about fallen angels, I don’t know much about fallen angel mythology, but what is used in the book sounds very unique and intriguing. There are some questions that don’t get answered, but the story is resolved, and the ending is fantastic. The unanswered questions, and the genius ending mean the chances of me picking up the sequel, Crescendo, next year are high. No, their better than that; I definitely will.

You know that feeling when you slide into a nice, hot bath after being out in the freezing cold? That’s what reading this book is like. I’m going to make a comparison here, not to storylines but to my reading habits. When I first discovered the Twilight saga last year, for several months, they were all I read, I just went right back to the beginning every time I finished Eclipse. If it weren’t for the fact that I have other books to read, Hush, Hush would become my new Twilight saga, and I would read it continually. I LOVE IT! I cannot wait for September next year when Crescendo is due. The only problem I had was that I read it in one day and now it’s over. I read it too fast, but that just shows how good it is! You need this book!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster UK for sending me a review copy.

Release date: 29th October 2009 in UK, already released in US
Publisher: Simon and Schuster UK
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Becca Fitzpatrick’s Website

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  1. Great review, I agree Patch is super sexy!

  2. Thank you! :) Oh my god, Patch is amazing! I love him!

  3. Great review I was absolutley the same with the Twilight Saga. I couldn't even think of reading anything else for a while just them over and over :-) And I couldn't agree more about HUSH HUSH!! LOVE IT!

  4. Great review! This was a phenonmenal book, I'm so glad you enjoyed it too! Just saw the hardback copies in store last night...same beautiful, eye-catching cover...*SIGH*
    (P.S. I'm a big Twilight fan as mentioned you read through Eclipse...have you read Breaking Dawn? Or her 100 or so odd pages at her website of Midnight Sun? Two words...totally awesome.) =0)

  5. Jenn - Cheers! Hush, Hush is just awesome! There is a possibility that I like it more than Twilight, and I LOVE Twilight. This book was just too good!

    Gina - Thank you! Oh the cover is absolutely gorgeous! So shiny! I don't like touching it incase I leave finger prints on it, lol.
    Oh, I have read Breaking Dawn, I was just referring to the time before Breaking Dawn came out. I've also read Midnight Sun :) But this is Hush, Hush! And it's awesome! And it's going to be an aggonising wait for Crescendo!

  6. Great review! It's great to hear how much you enjoyed it. I've heard mixed things about Patch - some people have found him a bit controlling. I definitely need to read the book and see where I stand on this!

  7. Thank you! Oh, I loved it! It's so good! I can't see Patch as controling, but if he is in people's opinions, the ending will explain it. Oh yes, definitely read it, it's fantastic!

  8. Great review! :)
    I actually just finished it today too, so I need to put up my own review soon. I definitely agree with you on the thriller aspect, and I read this one wayyy to fast.

  9. Thank you! Don't you just hate it when you read an awesome book too fast?! I look forward to reading your review!

  10. what a great review. I've heard such great stuff from this book. Now I'm going to have to go and give it a try.

  11. Cheers! :) Oh, you do! It's fantastic, I'm sure you'll love it!

  12. I don't know what to think of this book : the reviews I have seen are either love or hate... Glad to see you enjoyed it though! :) I'll certainly read it too at some point, I love the idea of it!

  13. Oh, it's amazing - well I think so! I hope you enjoy it!

  14. What a great review! I love it when a reviewer's excitement about a book is totally infectious. I did really like this one, although I wasn't sure about Patch while I was reading it. Like you though, I'm incredibly excited about the sequel. I can't wait!

  15. Thank you! I'm glad you liked the review! :) Ahh, I loved Patch! The sequel is going to be awesome!

  16. this was great! thank you!!
    i'm going to have to meet Patch now! :D

  17. Oh, you're welcome! I'm glad you liked the review! It's a great book, I hope you enjoy it when you read it!

  18. Great review! I loved this book too - I couldn't put it down. I have reviewed it on my blog too. Thanks in advance for linking to mine. I love your blog!

  19. Cheers! I really liked this book too, it's just sooo good! I've linked to your review! :)

  20. I loved the book! Your review is as great as your blog! This blog is super cool!! I have reviewed the book too. Please link my review.

  21. Aww, thank you! I'll link to your review now :)

  22. Late comment here, but we just got around to reading Hush, Hush, and it's sort of fascinating about how different people's opinions could be. Not to shamelessly pimp here, but I'm really curious about what your take on our review of Hush, Hush is: