The Witches' Marketplace

A photo of a witch's tools, featuring an amethyst, a clear quartz, a cleansing bundle, and a stick, with the words The Witches's Marketplace

The Witches’ Martketplace Banner made using a photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash.

The Witches' Marketplace!

Since starting my journey on my spiritual path in July 2019, I've discovered so many amazing small witchy businesses, selling absolutely incredible products! However, due to my fragrance sensitivity, I've not been able to buy much for myself, but really wanted to support these stores. And The Witches' Marketplace was born!

The Witches' Marketplace is a semi-regular interview series to support and promote small witchy businesses, where, every fortnight, I'll be sharing an interview with an independent online UK store owner. The owners themselves may may or may not identify as witches or similar, but they'll sell items, such as crystals and incense, candles and candle holders, that witches and those on similar spiritual paths will want to snap up! Hopefully, this way, I can introduce these stores to other potential customers!

I'll be linking to all of my interviews from here.

If you are the owner of an online indie witchy business in the UK, or small UK indie business selling products witches might be interested in, and would like to get involved in The Witches’ Marketplace, do email me!

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