Blogging Policies

Once Upon a Bookcase is open to the following contributions (with more info following):
  • Guest posts and blog tours (see below)
  • Once Upon a Retelling - Interviews with authors of retellings
  • A Diversified Bookcase - Guest post from YA authors of diverse book, recommending diverse books to main characters.
  • A Novel Cover Up - Interview with or guest post from cover designers.
Once Upon a Retelling:

For Once Upon a Retelling, I interview authors of traditionally published retellings - primarily YA though some adult fantasy retellings, too - whether they're retellings of fairy tales, classics, myths and legends, folk tales or real historic events/people.

A Diversified Bookcase:

A Diversified Bookcase features guest posts from traditionally published YA authors who recommend two or three YA diverse books - published in the current year, preferably in the UK, but fine if not - to the marginalised characters in their book, explaining why they would recommend them. There are two, possibly three, books authors recommend to their characters in their post:
  • Any diverse YA novel they would recommend.
  • An #OwnVoices YA novel they would recommend.
  • And, if applicable: A YA novel about a marginalised group they belongs to, that they would recommend. (Optional.)
Regarding the last, this is only if the author is willing to talk about being a part of a marginalised group - if not, that last book can be skipped. Along similar lines, all #OwnVoices novels discussed should be by authors whose marginalised identities they are open and public about.

The author can also discuss the same again for all three for books published before the current year if they would like to recommend more books.

A Novel Cover Up:

A Novel Cover Up feature an interview with or a guest post from cover designers about the cover designing process for a particular traditionally published YA or fantasy novel, featuring drafts and early images of covers, where available.

Guest Posts and Blog Tours:
  • Guest posts:
    • Please pitch your own topics.
    • Please note that Once Upon a Bookcase is a YA and fantasy book blog, so pitches must be to promote traditionally published books that are YA of any genre, or adult fantasy. I am passionate about diversity in YA and accurate representation, diverse, non-Western inspired high fantasy by #OwnVoices authors, and all aspects of feminism in YA, so topics focusing on either are encouraged, but will consider all topics.
  • Blog Tours: I will not take part in blog tours that are review only, due to being a mood reader. Please consider all of the above for blog tours.

Please send any pitches to me - Jo - at two months before publication date, including the following:
  • The title, author, and publication date
  • Book description/blurb
  • The category and genre
  • Where applicable, the representation of protagonist/s and/or what the novel is a retelling of
  • Which feature you're pitching for
If I approve your post, please send completed interview/guest post a month in advance of agreed upon post date, with the following:
  • Anything missing from the above
  • A high-res version of the cover
  • Goodreads and social media links
  • Author bio (Cover designer bio for A Novel Cover Up instead)
  • Author photo (not required for A Novel Cover Up)
  • Early drafts/imaged of cover for A Novel Cover Up
Please do not email me to pitch being interviewed by me outside the features above.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at

Blogging policies were created thanks to inspiration from LGBTQ Reads' own Blogging Policies.