Sunday, 13 February 2011

In My Mailbox (66)

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in my mailbox

For review:

The Demon Trappers: Forsaken by Jana Oliver - Macmillan UK
This is called The Demon Trapper's Daughter in the US. I'm really looking forward to this, it sounds really, really good! So exciting! One for the 2011 Debut Authors Challenge.

Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson - Scholastic
In a wary kind of way, because of the subject matter and inevitable depressive side, I'm looking forward to Wintergirls! I've heard such great things about it! I just hope it won't bring me down too much. The cover reminds me a little of the cover for Second Star to the Right by Deborah Hautzig, I like the idea of the words.

Lament by Maggie Stiefvater - Scholastic
I've been looking forward to this novel for ages, long before Shiver came out over here. I wasn't a massive fan of Shiver, which is making me a little wary of Lament, but it sounds amazing, so I'm going to give it a go.

Intertwined by Gena Showalter - Mira Ink
How amazing does this book sound?! I am SO excited to read it! It sounds so unique! One for the 2011 Debut Author Challenge.


  1. Lament is amazing, I think it's better than Shiver, and I thought Shiver was awesome! There's no need to be wary. :D
    I have Forsaken on my bookshelf, saving it for half term to read it =]
    Happy reading!

  2. Wow terrific book week. I do love the sound of INtertwined - very different :D

  3. I really liked Forsaken :D And I have Lament to read too. I'm a bit scared bout it too, Shiver is quite a bit to live up too!
    Happy reading :D

  4. Ooh, Wintergirls is great; hopefully you will love it. I think Intertwined first came out in 2009 in the US and the author has written other YA books as well so I'm not sure it would count towards the challenge...but OH WELL, still looks good though :D x

  5. What a great week you had! Happy reading :) Here's the link to my IMM:

  6. Love the look of Intertwined! And I'm really looking forward to reading Forsaken!

    Hope you enjoy:)

  7. Great books! I want to read The Demon Trapper's Daughter and I still haven't read Wintergirls although I am a fan of the author. I love Maggie Stiefvater's books. I do prefer the Wolves of Mercy Falls to Lament but it was her first book and made me a fan of her writing. I hope you enjoy all of these!

  8. Ooh, over the last few weeks I also bought Lament, Forsaken and Wintergirls. They all look fab! Enjoy.

  9. I've got Lament and Forsaken sat on my shelf waiting to be read as well! Intertwined starts kinda slow, but it is really good and well worth sticking with I found! I actually barely managed to finish Shiver, but I really enjoyed Linger, so I'm hopeful for Lament!

    Happy reading :)

    My IMM is here.

  10. Bella - Ohh, thanks for the tip! That's great, because I really wasn't a fan of Shiver, lol. I'm looking forward to Forsaken, it sounds so good!

    Emma - I'm so looking forward to Intertwined, it sounds so intriguing!

    Cicely - Thank you! I do like me some angels and demons, so I'm excited for Forsaken! I actually wasn't a fan of Shiver, which is what has me worried, that Lament might not be so great either. :/

    Kirsty - Thank you!

    Sasha - I'm looking forward to Wintergirls, I have heard so many great things about it! I believe Intertwined is Gena Showalter's YA debut in the UK, so it would count. I'll double check though :)

    Jamie - Cheers!

    Sammee - Thanks! Forsaken and Intertwined both have me excited!

    Christina - See, I didn'tlike Shiver. I thought it was slow and not much happened, hence being wary about Lament. I don't want to read another book and not enjoy it, lol. We'll see!

    Karen - I am looking forward to trying them all! :)

    Cem - OH, THANK YOU SO MUCH! So glad to hear someone else didn't like Shiver, but DID like Linger! I have hope for both Linger and Lament now! Thank you!

  11. What a nice assortment. The only one I have already read is Lament. But I do have The Demon Trapper's Daughter and Wintergirls on my TBR mountain. I wasn't sure about Intertwined. I'll be eager to hear what you think. Happy reading!

    My IMMs are here and here. Both are heavy with review books this week.

  12. Great stuff! I always appreciate Laurie Halse Anderson's books but many other readers seem to avoid them because of their subject matter. I'll watch out for your review! :-)

  13. Oooh...Lament and Wintergirls. Both are great books. Happy reading!
    My IMM

  14. Awesome books. Intertwined is a favorite of mine. I <3 all of Gena's books.

    I'm not sure how it would count as a debut though. It released in 2009 and she has a TON of books out, even other YA titles.

    Here's what I got this week!

  15. Kathy - Thanks! I'm really looking forward to reading them all! I'm really, really intrigued by Interwined! I think it's going to be good.

    The Book Hour - Thank you. Laurie does tend to go for the harsher subject, but I guess someone needs to. I'm looking forward to it!

    Alison - Thanks! I hope I like them as much as you did! :)

    Jess - I'm going to double check with the publisher, but I live in the UK, ad I think this is Gena's first YA book over here. Will check.

  16. I absolutely ADORE that cover of Lament! I've never been a fan of the sword cover that I have, so when I first saw that pink one, I was jealous that mine didn't look like that! lol

  17. My phone seems to have changed the colour, the Lament cover is actually red, lol. But it is quite cool. Though I don't get it. Guess I'll have to wait until I read it. Lol.

  18. I've never seen that edition of Wintergirls before.
    Wintergirls is completely amazing but sad.

  19. It's the UK edition, it's only just coming out over here. I'm looking forward to reading it. A bit. Lol.