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The Witches' Marketplace: pocket witch

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The Witches' Marketplace

pocket witch

The Witches' Marketplace is a semi-regular interview series, where I interview online independent UK store owners who sell items witches will want to snap up - who may or may not follow a similar spiritual path. Today, I'm really excited to have Rosie stopping by the blog to discuss her shope, pocket witch!

pocket witch is a great store that sells adorable pocket-sized spell jars and charm bags, as well as other gorgeous items. I discovered Rosie through Instagram when @WitchSwap shared one of her photos, and discovered she had her own shop! I have bought her Pocket Self-Love for myself, and her Psychic Brew as a gift, and pocket witch is just a wonderful shop! Now on to the interview to hear more about the store from Rosie herself. All images are copyrighted to Rosie, and used with her permission. Clicking on the images will take you to their product page on pocket witch.

Pocket Witch LogoCan you tell us a little about pocket witch and what you stock?

pocket witch is a small, home business with magick, love and homeliness at it’s core. I stock all matter of spell jars, teas and other such magickal items and take custom requests! I use a range of organic and sustainable ingredients, often supplied by other witches who I love to support, and ethically sourced stones. I love recycling, so waxes used are of my own spell candles or wax chips and I like to think I can meet the needs of anyone who wills it!

How long have you been running pocket witch, and how did you come up with the name?

I've been running pocket witch since December 2019, I was up late with my witchy friend and I said I wanted to create something that would help inspire my own personal craft as well as other people and came up with pocket witch! I just thought the name was cute and had dabbled in creating pocket altars for my friends still in the broom closet, I set about creating something everyone could enjoy! Later, I started coming across people who couldn’t access certain things due to this, or illness etc., and decided it was a great time to help!

Pocket Psychic

What led you to open pocket witch?

I’ve always been a huge fan of indie stores and small businesses but always wanted to have something personal and a little different, something that reflected who I am. When I became a witch who was unable to speak freely in a heavily Christian household aged 14, I really took to creating miniature, inconspicuous objects for my everyday life.

Pocket Calm

How do you come up with ideas for your pocket jars and charm bags?

A lot of the time it’s just stuff that my friends or I need, and my customers come to me with ideas too. I like to get inspiration from my collections, so when I get a new herb in, I try to think of some correspondences as I’m always inspired by the things I come across. I also get a lot of inspiration from the Sabbats and deities. I always charge my spells before they are sent out. I consider myself to be a loving business woman who prides herself on heart and care, but I do encourage people to keep it around them and charge it with intent themselves to add that boost of personal energy and intent.

Psychic Brew

Can you tell us about your devotional jars with offerings, and your brews? Where do you get your inspiration from?

I get my inspiration from all around me. When I feel particularly connected to my studies - with Aphrodite for example - I like to mark the adventure with a devotional with offerings and help other people who can’t get hold of those ingredients or blends to harness them too. I have always loved the idea of making potions, I suppose everyone does, but the best time is of course in the form of a brew! I love artisanal teas and being able to create some that truly do help people in ways other than to relax is truly spellbinding. I like to use things in nature and seasonal treats as we move across the year, using more florals in spring and summer, and associated items throughout the year, such as cinnamon in winter. I always loved making offerings to faeries as a child, and now I like to give thanks each solstice with an offering and my go to remedy for anything is tea!

Moon Phases Embroidery Hoop

You’re also quite a crafty witch, and sell some of your crafts, like your Moon Phase Embroidery Hoop. How did you get into embroidery? What inspires you?

I absolutely am! I adore all kinds of crafts. I’ve always been crafty, it’s definitely in my blood! I started getting into embroidery last year when I was finding it hard to get inspired. Trying new things always makes me feel so creative and alive and brings back all my old loves too, so when I realised I could craft these beautiful art works without an especially artistic hand, I was delighted! I feel like I really put my heart and soul into all my work, but needlecrafts take a special kind of mindfulness and personal power and perseverance.

Sweet Dreams Charm Bag along with Grimoire Page

Can you tell us about your handcrafted grimoire pages?

I am a huge crafter, obviously, and journaling combined with snail mail and other paper crafts have always inspired this light within my own creativity. Sometimes it’s hard to remember everything about what you’re using and I have always favoured my book of shadows, and know other people would too. So I set about creating grimoire pages as a refined, finished product spell page as a way for people to integrate my magick with theirs and have a source to look back on if they wished to do something similar. It also adds that little thoughtful touch which I always admired in small businesses!

Large Self-Love Spell Jar

Do your customers need to be witches for your products to work for them?

Yes and no! I’m not a fan of mass market magick, I feel like it takes away from the true power of the inner self and the creativity that comes with making your own spells and decisions, and I think that can really be harnessed by making something other than what a book or person has told you to. Witchcraft is unique in that way, so I do encourage those who buy my products to be somewhat knowledgeable and respectful, not just to buy a little magic trick etc. However, I appreciate it can be very scary and hard to access! If you don’t know where to source items, if you can’t leave your house or are living in a religious household, it can be hard to conjure these things. Of course, I also offer some knowledge with my grimoire pages as a more personal learning point for baby witches as I do believe in proper integration and welcoming anyone who is curious! I believe everyone has magick within them, and if they choose to use my products as I intend them to I don’t see any reason why they would not work, especially as I put my intent and hard work into my products.

Can you tell us about the materials you use in your products?

I have always walked a very green path. As you can imagine being a pagan and witch sort of led me down the road of being as ethical as possible. Unfortunately, soy candles are very expensive, but having owned a large collection of candles, I melt down my leftover ones into new candles or over bottles and reuse the wax as much as possible. (Top tip for witches: put grease proof paper under your jar as you’re melting wax so you can peel and re use the excess!) I have a few local craft shops who source their stones as ethically as possible. Of course, one cannot always be certain but getting to know the people I buy from has given me the much needed insight. I want to make sure my products are not damaging anything or anyone. This is one of the reasons I do not use white sage or palo santo woods. I either grow my own or source local growers and do not purchase from non-sustainable sources. I make sure I know of the history of what I am using and the origins when I do use ingredients that are considered a little less accessible. I always use items I consider to be environmentally friendly, hence my use of silk bags and jars opposed to anything plastic, and most of my packaging is recycled or can be recycled. I also make sure to donate or work for my local reserves and eco-friendly organisations as I recognise that my carbon footprint for postage is quite high. Therefore, I like to access local sources or tap into the resources available in my area such as the community gardens.

Valentine Pocket Spell

What are your future plans for pocket witch? Do you have anything exciting around the corner that we should look out for?

I am hoping to introduce offerings for each sabbat, starting with my favourite - Ostara! I am also hoping to dive deeper into sustainable products as I know that the planet is near and dear to almost all that practice. I will be continuing to upgrade my jars and sachets, and am working on some tastier and more outlandish products than just the spells!

Can you recommend a few of your favourite small UK witchy businesses?

My go tos are Occultophiliac, The Psychic Tree, and Kulukulu crystals.

Rosie was also kind enough to answer some questions about her spiritual path. As a new witch, I find it fascinating and helpful to hear about other people's paths, as I then find new things to learn about and explore (as "there are as many paths as there are witches"), and it's possibly interesting you might be interested in, too.

How do you identify spiritually, and how long have you been on your spiritual path?

I personally believe that the labels are just a garnish or something easy to understand. Whilst I dabble in what most would name green witchery or hedge witch practices, I believe the labels are unimportant and as we all practice in our own ways and the energy is shared through all sources around us, being a witch will always be eclectic and the labels are rather confining, if not a little fun to use! I consider myself, therefore, on a greener path but still eclectic. I practice a lot of divination and have been a witch since 2013! I first started researching magicks when I was about 9, because there was a Roma witch who worked at my school and would always tell us tales of crystal readings and the fae, but didn’t consider myself practicing or connecting with that energy until I was 14. From there I built up my own understanding of the world and the way I value it, and have been practicing pagan traditions for 3 years now.

Aphrodite Devotional

Can you tell us a little about your spiritual path/practice?

See above. I felt like I was really drawn to this life. Every time I tried to be religious it seemed to fail, and I would pick up something else to devote myself to like plants and gardening and cooking. I just felt called to it. When I was a child, I used to have adults tell me I could see and hear things others couldn’t, and I was wiser and more intuitive than anyone they knew. After a particularly rough time, my mother sent me to a church prayer centre to have people pray with me and see into my problems and help me through them. I wasn’t particularly for it, but instead prayed so much they set back and said that I had some power beyond the ordinary, and that bright light I felt before as a child was brought back to life and I really felt like they had seen through me. I always had these strange dreams and intuitive feelings and always seemed to get things right, I could see what I now recognise as auras and seemed to be able to shape things into whatever I wished, and I guess it led me here! I believe everyone has this power within them, it’s just finding it.

Do you have any advice for those just starting out on their spiritual path? Or what you’d tell your younger self when you were first starting out?

Listen to yourself! Do what you feel you are led to do. Witchcraft is all about intention and if you truly believe you belong on this path, you will find your way. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but equally remember there is a whole world of information that is now easily accessible! There are people all around you to support you and help you grow, and most importantly you know that you are on this path for a reason, so harness your power and know you are capable of great things.

Thank you, Rosie, for such a fantastic interview! I loved hearing about Rosie's path, and how the shop came about. Really looking forward to seeing her new products - especially for the Sabbats! Be sure to check out pocket witch, and follow Rosie on Instagram.

Check out the other interviews for The Witches’ Marketplace, and if you are the owner of an online indie witchy business in the UK, or small UK indie business selling products witches might be interested in, and would like to get involved in The Witches’ Marketplace, do email me!

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