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My Spiritual, Magical and Self-Care Goals for 2020

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My Spiritual, Magical and Self-Care Goals for 2020

It's 2020 at last, and we're all starting to make plans or goals for the year ahead, and maybe even resolutions. I've made myself a few goals relating to my spirituality, magic and self-care for the year, so I thought I would share them with you.

Spirituality Based Goals

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I want to bring more spirituality to my days/weeks this year than I have previously. Mostly, I only really practice my spirituality on the Esbats (Full and New Moons) as part of my rituals, aside from reading witchcraft related books. I want to incorporate my spirituality into my everyday, so I've set myself some spirituality based goals.

Start a Meditation Practice

When I started on this spiritual path, I got into meditation, and really, really loved it. It really cleared my mind, and I felt a lot sharper, saw things with more clarity. And I just generally felt calmer and better able to deal with things I had a lot of difficulty doing it every day, so it would be sporadic, but I would do it. Until the free mediation guide I was following ended, and I've not meditated since. I really want to get to it, as I was in a much more contented state of mind (this could also, really, be put in my self-care goals further down, but the main reason I started was for spiritual reasons, so I'm putting it here).

However, I'm not setting myself a specific goal that I may then fail, like meditate every day. I won't meditate every day, I know that, because I work various shifts and there's never a pattern to them, it's just not going to happen. So I want to meditate a few times a week, on my days off. If it doesn't happen on a certain day for whatever reason, fine (I'll come to this later), but as long as I am meditating somewhat, I'll count it as a win.

Get to Grips with Tarot Reading

I'm still very much in the learning stage, and until very recently, I would only pull a tarot card during my Esbat (New or Full Moon) rituals, because I could ask a question relating to the intentions I was setting. I really struggle with a daily one card pull, because questions like, "What do I need to know about today?" or "What should my focus be today?" are just too vague for me at this stage in my learning. I try really hard to stay away from the tarot books and looking the card meanings up online, and I do ok with specific questions, but I'm not far enough along to pick up anything intuitively with such vague questions.

However, I planned to start pulling a card daily anyway, and just trying. I found a list of questions online that I could ask that I noted down and planned to try, and was just going to fumble my way through it. But two weeks ago I discovered @bujowitchcraft, an Instagram page run by Yaritza, who posts monthly tarot prompts (instagram photo challenges, but with tarot), and I've been doing daily pulls with her Tarot for Growth January 2020 prompts, and they're specific and thematic enough that my intuition is doing pretty well, and I'm understanding the cards on their own, and then able to relate them to the questions. So I'm looking forward to continuing to learn to read the tarot cards more efficiently with the aid of her prompts.

Yes, here I am planning to draw a card a day, but I don't think this is too difficult. On the days when I don't have time to sit down and really read the card, I can pull a card based on a question, make a note, and interpret it later, when I do have time - which is better than not pulling at all. So pulling a card daily is doable.

Draw an Affirmation Card a Day

The point of this is to bring more positivity to my life. There is science that states repeating an affirmation to yourself for a certain number of times can create new neural pathways in the brain that has you then believing the affirmation. While I won't necessarily be repeating a certain affirmation, I do want to get some affirmation cards, draw one each morning, reflect on it during the day, and journal about it later (potentially the next day). Negative self-talk is something to be battled, and I think deeply thinking about affirmations and how the phrase literally relates to my own life and journaling about it would be really positive step to being kinder to myself. (Again, this is another one that could be in my self-care goals, but it works for both.) This one I haven't started yet because I don't have any cards just yet, but come pay day, I'm hoping to buy some and start this practice. At the moment, my hope is to pull a card every day, but I don't know exactly how that would work around work - will it work the same as just interpreting a tarot card later? Will I forget what I've reflected about? This is something I'll have to look into, so this one might be tweaked a little, but we'll see.

Create and Commit to a Morning Ritual

Adding the three things mentioned above to my day as things stand is a little difficult - again, because of work. But I plan, when I'm off work, to start a morning ritual, and get up an hour earlier. This might not sound much like a big deal, but I am not a great sleeper, and generally don't function too well if I haven't had enough sleep. This means I can't get up any earlier on a work day, as my start times can be fairly early, and I simply can't get up earlier than I need to. However, on my days off, I have what others would consider a lie in - I get up at 10am, knowing I will have had enough sleep to get through the day. However, on late shifts at work, I get up at 9am, and tend to do ok. So the plan is start getting up at 9am on my days off in order to create a morning ritual where I meditate, pull a tarot card, an affirmation card, and the day's journaling (see below in self-care goals).

This isn't happening at the time of writing this, because I am currently quite ill, and for the most part the only time I'm not suffering is when I sleep (except for those damn fever dreams! So stressful!). But once I'm well again, I'll be starting my morning ritual for my days off.

But again, I don't want this to be something I fail at, so it's not going to be something I must do every day, simply because some days, I might have plans that require me to get up and go on days off sometimes, and what with my sleep issues, I may just forgo the morning ritual rather than get up even earlier and struggle. And there will be times when I'm ill, like right now, when I just won't bother because I need even more sleep than usual. Yes, I want to create new habits, and yes, I'd like to do these things as much as possible, but I'm not going to berate myself if I miss a day here and there - as long as it's just a day here and there and when I'm ill.

Start and Commit to Bullet Journaling

It makes sense that if I want to create new habits, one of the things that is going to help me stick to them is tracking them. I can track when I'm working, when I'm ill, when I'm doing other things, and when I actually do these practices. I can track patterns, and see if there's anything else that is getting in the way of me completing these practices, and reevaluate, rework and recommit. I've started my journal, included the Wheel of the Year dates and Sun sign dates (I hope to also start doing sun rituals, hopefully on the day the Sun moves into a different sign each month), info for each Sabbat, info about the various Moon phases and magic, and dates of each specific full Moon as well as a Lunar calendar, my New Year tarot spread, and have written down my goals, drew my habit trackers, and created a spread for daily tarot pulls for the month.

I'm also not that great at writing down my rituals for Esbats and Sabbats, and it's something I really should be doing, so the plan is to right them in my bullet journal, rather than my grimoire, as I just think for these particular events it would be more helpful. I have bought myself a diary to pen in my rituals, etc., in advance, and bought it before I decided to start a bullet journal, but I'm quite glad, because I can't be doing with monthly and weekly spreads - it all takes too long as it is, haha!

Magic Based Goals:

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I want to take my magic a step further, so I've also set myself a few goals that don't take much explaining.

Write and Cast More of My Own Spells, Trusting My Intuition

With my fragrance sensitivity, and not being able to use most tools other witches do, I'm kind of having to make things up as I go along. Which isn't a bad thing, because tools are simply tools, and it's your intentions that count. But even though my magic may look a little different to other people's, it works. I've seen it work, I've seen the results, and my intuition doesn't lead me wrong. So I really want to lean into my own brand of magic these, trust my gut and my intuition, and write and cast more of my own spells. With emphasis on writing, because I tend to just do what feels right in the moment with what's available to me. I need to write these things down - not necessarily before, but perhaps during, or after.

Explore the Written Word as Magic / Magic as/Through Writing

I love writing so very much, and it just makes sense to incorporate it into my magic. I want to experiment with writing itself as magic. Light a candle, write down what I wish to manifest, and burn it. Write down my hopes, and charge them by the light of the Moon. I don't really know exactly what this will look like yet, hence the exploring and experimenting, but the combining of the two really appeals to me. I'm super excited to read Lisa Marie Basile's next book, The Magical Writing Grimoire, which covers this very subject, and any other books on the subject.

Read More Books on Specific Kinds of Magic

I also want to learn more about types of magic I can do. Candle magic, knot magic, sigil magic, and so on. See if I'm able to expand on my magic by learning more.

Self-Care Goals:

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I really want to focus on self-care this year. I think I already do a number of things that would fall under self-care, but they tend to be things I do for my own enjoyment than specifically for self-care reasons. I want to really be intentional with my self-care, and the time I spend on it.

Slow Down

With the Winter, and with me making decisions on how much time I spend blogging, I've really enjoyed how I have slowed down, and I want to carry this forward. Spending less time blogging, and instead whiling away the hours doing other things I enjoy - cross stitch, writing letters to friends, writing (journaling), reading a good book simply for pleasure (because I've come to realise that while I enjoyed most of the books I read before, and definitely would only read what suited my mood, I definitely read to blog about books, rather than just reading for myself), sitting with a cup of tea and a blanket in front of the TV - has been so wonderful. I feel more fulfilled, and more content. I've slowed right down when it come to being busy, and I am revelling in the things I enjoy. I definitely want to keep this up, even when we come out of Winter and would normally leave behind the hibernation vibe that comes with it.

Start Journaling and Writing More

I love writing, as you know, but I definitely want to do more writing that's just for me. There are aspects of my spiritual path that involve journaling, and I've really, really enjoyed it. Time spent putting pen to paper, words overflowing from my pen, self-reflecting. It's such a joy! So I definitely want to journal more. I do however struggle with what to write about if there isn't something I'm specific being guided to write about, like in my spiritual practice. I've found some journal prompts on Pinterest that I've saved, but most aren't really what I'm after - who would you invite to a dinner party, describe your morning routine - they just don't get deep enough, so I'll keep looking. However, I've recently been inspired by a few writing prompts and discussions from people I follow on Instagram that I originally planned to explore on here, but maybe I'll use them to journal first, and write a version of them on here. The blog can be my extended journal, maybe! But from last Sunday, Lisa Marie Basile started a free 20 Day Sacred Writing Journey over on Instagram on her @Ritual_Poetica account, so once I'm finally feeling ok again, I think I'll start off using them! Perhaps by the time this post goes live, I've already started!

I also really want to write more Snapshot Stories. I do enjoy them, and I have a few ideas I'm mentally playing with. I just need to set some time aside to get them on paper and out of my head.

Stop Saving Things for Best, Use/Wear Them Now - Celebrate Now, and Me, Now

I read on Twitter someone saying they don't save their luxurious clothes or items for special occasions, but now. There's this idea that certain things are important, and therefore should only be used at times of significance. But life is far too short to be saving things for later. What if later never comes? You're living right now, why not make a big deal of yourself, and this very day, today. Why are you saving things only for special occasions? Why aren't you, and the fact that you're alive, a special occasion? Wear that make-up, that outfit, that jewellery, that perfume, those shoes now and not only on your birthday, or date night, or a party. This is what I'm thinking about, and hoping to do. I don't wear perfume, and I'm not one for make-up everyday, but otherwise, what am I depriving myself of because they're "special"? I want to celebrate myself, and the fact that I'm living now, now.  This may not look the same every day - I'm definitely not dressing up to the nines every day, because that's more effort than I can be bothered with, generally. But I definitely want to think about this and be more intentional, but I think it's going to require an inventory of the things I own. But not right now, not while I'm ill.

Embrace Who I am Now

And now the big one. I never really make resolutions, because I never seem to keep them, but I specifically dislike the whole idea around, "New Year, New You." I'm not against people making changes they want to make to improve their health and well being, at any time of the year - some of my goals for this year definitely relate to improving my well being - but I don't like the judgement that who you are right now isn't good enough, and you need to improve, change, be better. I am not for the pressure that comes with this idea for the New Year, and how people tend to feel shamed into attempting change - especially around their bodies and the way they look. I've felt it myself, and I'm really not a fan. In the lead up to the New Year, I could pretty much see the New You idea promoted everywhere I went, which had me defiantly thinking, "What's wrong with who I am now?" Which led to an epiphany moment, because what is wrong with who I am now?

Over the years, as I've grown up from pre-teen to teen, from teen to adult, I've realised I haven't really "grown up". I've always been really aware of the fact that my tendency to become very excited about things others don't get very excited about, my finding joy in small things like rainbows or the first daisies of the year, and my general child-like, enthusiastic personality, isn't very mature. In my family, there's a fond amusement about these aspects of my personality, an "Isn't she cute?" vibe, which is fine, but outside family, and some close friends, it's generally frowned upon. I get strange looks, mocking laughs, and derision. I've always felt this aspect of my personality is "too much", and so in response, I have turned down the volume, so to speak, on how I react outwardly when feeling particularly joyful, enthusiastic, or excited. I don't allow myself to shine too brightly. I minimise myself.

And I've come to accept the "fact" that people tend not to like me. "I'm not everyone's cup of tea," is something I often think to myself. And because of my interests and activities - spending a huge amount of my time reading, or writing, or watching TV, and not having an exciting social life - believing that, "On paper, I'm pretty boring and uninteresting." And if people don't like me, and aren't exactly cordial? My body language gets all apologetic, as if I've done something wrong. I make myself small, try to be invisible, avoid them where possible. It's not something I've really thought about before, but this is exactly what I do. As if my very existence is offensive, something I should be sorry for. I think it's left over from when I was bullied at school, where being disliked meant being treated horribly, and trying to disappear, to not be noticed, was a survival tactic.

But I'm always surprised when people do like me. That I'm actually not too much or too boring for them. More people like me than dislike me. But even if people don't like me, who cares? And if those people are dickheads (because some can be), screw them. Enough. There is nothing wrong with who I am. This is who I am, what harm is there in me being happy, especially in this world as it is now? Why make myself small and try to hide? Why not just be me, completely me, and live authentically? So one of my goals is to embrace who I actually am, rather than to change, or make myself small. Stop suppressing, and allow myself to just be.

Words of the Year

I've also deciding to pick some words of the year for 2020, for the first time ever, that I feel encapsulate my goals. They are:





Over to you graphic

So what are your goals and/or plans for 2020? Do any of them specifically focus on self-care or spirituality? Do you pick a word/s for the year, and if so, what is it/are they? What are your thoughts on New Year's Resolutions, and "New Year, New You"? Let me know in the comments!

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