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Witchcraft For Witches with Fragrance Sensitivity or Other Allergies

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Witchcraft For Witches with Fragrance Sensitivity or Other Allergies

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As someone who has fragrance sensitivity, when it comes to witchcraft, most of what I'm reading in books and online when it comes to rituals and spells just won't work for me. Most tend to include  herbs, a lot of which I can't use, and incense, and essential oils, which I can't use at all. I've tried searching for books or websites that look at witchcraft for those with allergies or specifically fragrance sensitivity, but I've found nothing.

I've got to the point now where I think I'm just going to have to write my own rituals and spells, and I've been thinking a lot about what I can do instead of using incense, essential oils, and herbs. And as there doesn't seem to be anything about this online, I thought I'd share what I'm thinking about and considering. I haven't yet sat down and wrote a ritual or spell from scratch myself, but I've adapted and added to a ritual for Mabon. I'll come back and update this post once I have written my own, but I thought I'd share with my ideas with you now, just in case anyone else is searching like I was.

Unscented Candles and Crystals are Your Friends

Unscented candles (I believe soy and beeswax candles are the most hypoallergenic) and crystals are things we can use. Do stock up. When it comes to candles, I've had luck buying unscented coloured candles from Flying Tiger, Treadwell's Books, and just a random shop that sells a bit of everything. Look around!

And as for crystals, I bought mine for quite reasonable prices from Natural History Museum shop (though their fluorite isn't actually fluorite, so be sure of what you're buying!), and The Astrology Shop. Mysteries is also a shop that is quite reasonable, too. These are London shops, so if outside of London, look up New Age/Occult shops in your area and have a look. I would recommend looking around, though. I have seen some crystals in some shops on sale for quite a pretty penny, and then found them cheaper elsewhere. Look up their correspondences, or buy a book on crystals to discover their correspondences, and use them when appropriate. Just be sure to cleanse them after buying, and charge them before use.

Can You Use Everyday Objects?

This is something I'm thinking about quite a bit. It's the intention that matters, and the meaning - a meaning that makes sense, I think - we give items that's important. I got thinking about this since I noticed a penny on the floor in a street, and I thought to myself, "Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck," and had a lightning bolt moment. We think of pennies as being lucky. Whether you consider that to be superstition or not, a penny cold be a tool you might choose to use in a spell for luck. A die, too - Lady Luck? - or maybe even fate? I Googled and I found Althaea Sabastiani's blog post How to Use Any Object for Witchcraft, which was interesting! Give it a read, and as Althaea suggests, either think about the possible uses of an object, or think about what your spell needs, and what you could use for it.


Visualisation is used sometimes in spells - imagining the outcome of your spell of ritual as if it's happened, involving all the sense - but maybe those of us with allergies could make use of this each time. The same with vision boards - collages of what you wish to manifest.

But there's also physical images you could try, too. Religious witches put statuary or images of goddesses and gods they want to invoke in their spells, and this got me thinking about images in a symbolic sense.

For my Mabon ritual, I included a postcard of Rossetti's Prosperpine, the Roman equivalent of Persephone who goes to the Underworld for six months of the year, and why we have Autumn and Winter. As Mabon is the Autumn Equinox, where night and day were equal, and also marks the beginning of night growing increasingly longer, incorporating the painting of Proserpine was quite apt. I've also bought quite a large number of Aimee Stewart's art as greeting cards to use, too. I have cards I consider to represent the four elements and the four seasons, I have cards that focus on the moon, and I have cards that represent, to me, the Triple Goddess Maiden, Mother, Crone (as a secular witch, I see these as archetypes of the witch, and symbolic).

Are you looking for love? Maybe you could include Klimt's Kiss, or even another image that shows a romantic relationship. And if it's an abundance spell, what does abundance mean to you? Now find some imagery that symbolises it. Think specifically about the outcome you're after, and what images you could use symbolically.

Tarot cards can also be used symbolically, too. Think about the meanings of the cards, and which might help your intention.

Create Sigils

Sigils are magical symbols you create yourself, infused with intention. It involves creating a symbol from the letters of a short sentence of your intention - find out more on The Traveling Witch's post, Big Power in a Little Symbol: How to Create Sigils. Once you've got your sigil, think about how you can use it in your ritual/spell. The most common use I've seen in my studying is carving it into a candle (with a toothpick/pin/pencil/pen), but you can burn them, place them under crystals, anoint them (for us, maybe this could be with Moon water, rather than oils), pop them in a amulet or talisman bag. There are various ways, so think about your specific ritual/spell, and what method would work for you.

Aside: You can also use magical symbols in a similar way. Look up the meanings, and think about how you might use them. You can start with 25+ Magic Symbols For Rituals, Spells And Celebrations on Thought Catalogue, 20 Magical Pagan and Wiccan Symbols on Learn Religions, and Magical Symbols on Pinterest. Then, like with sigils, think about you can use them within your rituals and spells.

The Written and Spoken Word

We could probably really take advantage of the written word - and use it similarly as sigils and magical symbols - and the spoken word, so maybe put a lot of thought into what you write or will say. Create affirmations or incantations (affirmations that rhyme, according to Skye Alexander in The Modern Guide to Witchcraft) that you can say during your spell or ritual. Write, in the present tense, what it is you seek, as if you already have it, but make sure you're using only positive language, not negative. So, for a protection spell for example, instead of, "No-one harms me," write "I am safe and secure." You can also check out Writing Powerful Magical Incantations that Work on Wise Witches and Witchcraft.

Create and Use Moon Water

Moon water is water (some books say purified/spring/filtered water, others say tap is fine, others say you can use rain water or water collected from a lake or the sea - just don't drink any water that you don't know is safe to drink!) that has been left out - either outside or on a window sill - to be charged by the full Moon. Moon water has magical properties, so you can use it to add an extra bit of oomph to your rituals/spells. Moon water can be used to cleanse and purify - a good alternative to cleansing with incense. You can also use it within spells. Sprinkle a few drops in an amulet or talisman bag, anoint any paper being used with it, and so on. Search "Moon water" online, and you'll come up with tons of posts with suggestions on how to use it, but you can start with The Witch of Lupine Hollow's 24 Magickal & Mundane Uses for Moonwater

Make Use of Other Correspondences

Timing - So for pretty much all rituals and spells, the timing of the spell is always important, but I think it's probably especially important for those of us who can't use incense, essential oils and herbs. Get familiar with - or even better, like me, create tables for your grimoire or book of shadows to always refer back to - the correspondences of the days of the week, the planets associated with them, the Moon phases, and the Moon in zodiac signs. Perform your ritual or cast your spell on a day that fits with your intention, or on a specific Moon phase and maybe with the Moon in a specific sign (get an app that tells you all what phases and sign the Moon is in, like Moon). You don't have to work to everything - it doesn't have to be on a specific day when the Moon in in a specific phase and in a specific sign (though that would probably work really well), because you might be waiting months for everything to align. But thinking about timing, I think, should play a major role.

Colours - Look up the correspondences of colours, and use accordingly. Think about the colour candle you use, and if you're writing anything down, the colour of ink or paper. The colour of thread or ribbon you might use, the colour of a sachet bag. Make use of the colours!

Numbers - Numbers also have correspondences, so look them up, too, and think about how they can be used. The number of candles you use, the number of knots tied into a ribbon/thread, whether you carve numbers into candles, or say affirmations or incantations a specific number of times, etc.

So these are my ideas so far! I'll come back and update it if I think of any others, and with updates on actually trying these out myself.

If you're still a little unsure or nervous about writing your own, since originally writing and scheduling this post, I've read Light Magic for Dark Times by Lisa Marie Basile, and there are very few herbs or essential used in most spells, if any at all, and Basile says you can adapt and swap as needed. I can actually use every spell, ritual and practice in this book, so I would definitely say check it out. My review isn't coming until December, so I thought I'd mention it here really quickly.

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Did you find this helpful? Do you have any suggestions of other ways people with allergies/fragrance sensitivity can practice witchcraft? Or know of other sources people could check out? Let me know in the comments!

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