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Witchcraft Isn't that Strange

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Witchcraft Isn't that Strange

Today I want to talk a little more about witchcraft, and explain some things. I know some people think it's weird, or that it's sinning, or that people who thinks it's nothing and those who practice are off their rocker. I have noticed, on Twitter at least, that since I've started talking about witchcraft, I've lost followers. So today I wanted to tell you something I told my mum to assuage her fears about my practice.

Casting spells and performing rituals is not that different from a religious person praying. Before those who are religious scream sacrilege at me, please hear me out, I'm going to explain what I mean. I'm going to use Christianity in my examples, because that's the religion I know.

Some Christians light a candle to pray for someone, or to honour those who have died in prayer. Some make the sign of the cross. Some say the Hail Mary 50 times when praying with a rosary. These examples involve three things: words, action, and intent.

Words: The words you say or think when you pray - whether they're words of your own choosing, or traditional prayers, like the Hail Mary.

Action: The physical actions made during the prayer - lighting the candle, making the sign of the cross, going from bead to bead on a rosary.

Intent: The intent behind the prayer - whether it's a request for something, or thanks giving, etc. You're not just saying words when you prayer, even if it's a traditional prayer like the Hail Mary, you're praying with intent.

Some people who practice witchcraft are religious, whether they're from a wide-spread faith, or are Wiccan. I'm a secular witch however, and don't believe in any goddesses, gods or other deities. So I don't worship, but I am reaching out to nature. It might be easier for you if you think about it as me worshipping nature, but that's not what I consider myself to be doing.

And when I cast a spell or perform a ritual, I am, for want of a better word, making a wish. I am manifesting, giving thanks, or seeking guidance. Casting spells and performing rituals isn't that different. We also say words, use actions, and have intent.

Words: The words are either affirmations or incantations - where incantations are rhyming affirmations.

Action: The ways in which candles, crystals and herbs - and any other tools - are used within spells or rituals.

Intent: The reason for the spell or ritual; manifesting, giving thanks, seeking guidance.

There's nothing dark about it, at least for me. I'm not communing with the devil, demons, or ghosts - not only is that not something I'd want to do, I also don't believe in them. I'm not hexing or cursing anyone, as I have no interest in doing so. Then there's also the idea of cosmic justice, cause and effect. It's just not what I'm personally interested in.

So I'm not doing anything all that "strange", really. I'm not hurting anyone, I'm not doing anything "dark". I'm making wishes. I'm giving thanks. I'm revering nature.

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Does this help in your understanding of witchcraft at all? Do you have any questions? I'm still learning, but I'll try and answer if I can - as long (as it's not too personal, and you're not taking the mick). Let me know in the comments!

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