Wednesday, 6 July 2016

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Movie Review: The Choice + Giveaway!

The ChoiceThe Choice (advanced viewing) - Based on the book by Nicholas Sparks, the author who brought us the much-loved classic romance The Notebook, comes THE CHOICE - A story about an irresistible attraction that transforms the lives of an unlikely couple, out to own on DVD and Digital HD this summer.

Travis Shaw (Benjamin Walker) is a young veterinarian committed only to meaningless flings that suit his carefree, solitary lifestyle. Convinced he doesn’t need a relationship, he prefers to flirt with exes and enjoy being a bit of a ladies man.

Meanwhile Gabby Holland (Teresa Palmer), a beautiful and ambitious medical student, is preparing to settle down with her committed long-term boyfriend (Tom Welling). When fate intervenes, and Gabby and Travis find themselves living next door to one another, nothing could have prepared them for the powerful chemistry that will turn their lives upside down. As they are forced to acknowledge their developing bond, the seemingly mismatched couple must face up to the choices that will change everything...
From the press release.

I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by DnA PR to review an advanced copy of the DVD of The Choice, the book to movie adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name. The Notebook is my all time favourite movie, so I jumped at the chance! And it was such a beautiful, moving movie!

Gabby and Travis, new neighbours, rub each other up the wrong way. Travis has loud barbeques on his front lawn that distracts Gabby, who is a medical student who needs time to study. Travis is a charmer, and thinks he has a way with the ladies, but Gabby is the one person who's knees don't buckle because of his line. Gabby stands up to him and won't let Travis sweet talk his way out of anything. There are fireworks, but with their fireworks comes a spark that neither can deny. Gabby has a long-term boyfriend, and Travis has an on-off thing going with an ex, but the two realise they just can't fight their feelings. But the path ahead of them isn't an easy one, and their future rests on a single choice.

The Choice Movie Still

I haven't read the book, but my Mum has, so we watched it together. I really enjoyed The Choice, it's such a gorgeous story! It really tugs at the heart strings, and I loved how it wasn't just a story of a blossoming relationship. Most romances end once the relationship begins, but there's so much more to this story, and it's really lovely to see where the story takes them, the surprises and the plot twists.

My Mum thought the movie was ok, but she has enjoyed other Nicholas Sparks book to move adaptations more; she didn't think The Choice was on par with the movies The Last Song and The Notebook. But focusing on just the book and the movie of The Choice, she enjoyed the book more. She said there was so much more to the book, and things were happening far too quickly in the movie. As the book progressed, she said there were several choices that the title could have been referring to. There was more of an indepth story surrounding the various choices that needed to be made, rather than focusing on that choice, like the movie does.

Despite what my Mum thinks, I really enjoyed the movie. It made me laugh as well as tear up, and now has me really wanting to read the book, even though I now know how the story ends. I thought it was a brilliant movie, one that really highlights how life is short, and you have to live now.

The Choice is out to download from 27th June and on DVD from 4th July. Check out the trailer below.

Movie Details
The Choice Release Dates:

Digital HD Release Date - 27th June 2016
DVD Release Date - 4th July 2016
Director: Ross Katz
Film Distributor: Lionsgate
Starring: Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer

Thank you DnA PR for the advanced DVD.


  1. I've never read any of Nicholas Sparks novels or books but would love to see the film :)

  2. i've not read any of the books but have watched some films

  3. I've only ever read THE LAST SONG and I remember it took me ages to read the book. Why? Because from about the midway point I couldn't stop crying! I could barely see the pages but it was so good! Also thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Ooh, I'm glad this was a great one for you, Jo!! :D I haven't read or seen anything by Nicholas Sparks.😂 I know right?!? What rock am I living under. #FAIL I feel like one day I'll at least see The Notebook because it's so super famous!

  5. 'A walk to remember' is lovely I think that is my favourite (Kim Styles)

  6. 'A walk to remember' is lovely I think that is my favourite (Kim Styles)

  7. I loved Nights in Rodanthe - so romantic but so sad! I cried buckets.