Friday, 28 October 2011

Animated Cover: My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

We have been given a brilliant from the lovely people at Mira Ink! Here's the news straight from the horse's mouth:

As if My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent wasn’t awesome enough, it now comes with an animated book jacket! MIRA Ink are the first YA publishers to create an animated book jacket for one of their titles! Not only this but this jacket is only available to UK bloggers – it’s not being sent out in the US!

And here it is:

animated my soul to steal by rachel vincent

How fantastic is it?! It's brilliant!

There's also a brilliant competition:

MIRA Ink are offering you a chance to win a copy of My Soul to Steal! There are ten copies available, and all you have to do is go on to the MIRA Ink Facebook site click on the jacket image of My Soul to Steal and post a comment in the comment box below the picture. Then MIRA Ink will select the winners.

Pretty cool, huh? So get entering!


  1. Animated book jacket? I can't imagine how that woul work- I want to see it!
    I'm reading this book at the moment and I think if the butterfly was moving it would be too distracting!

  2. Love the animated cover! Looks amazing.

  3. Sally - I think it's mainly for e-books rather than physical books. But I think it's cool!

    Amie - It does! I love it!

  4. This sounds great! But only UK? I'm crushed :/ I shall enter :)

  5. The books are available in the US, just this cover isn't being sent out to the US bloggers (though I'm sure they're able to nick it off of other people's blogs, lol). I believe it's just for e-books anyway.
    Good luck in the competition!