Saturday, 2 October 2010

In My Mailbox (50)

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in my mailbox books

For review:

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl - Puffin
I haven't yet read Beautiful Creatures, but I am so excited to read both of them! They sound amazing! I can't get enough of my paranormal romances! :)

Firespell by Chloe Neill - Gollancz
I have wanted to read this book for ages! I am a huge fan of Neill's adult series, The Chicagoland Vamoures, so I'm really excited to try out her YA series.

Dark Secrets 3 by Elizabeth Chandler - Simon & Schuster UK
I have heard such great things about these books, and they sound so good! I have the first two, but I've not yet read any of them. Looking forward to them all.

Elixir by Hilary Duff with Elise Allen - Simon & Schuster UK
This book sounds really good! I have to say, I do have my doubts with it being a star writinng it, but I'm goin to try to ignore that when I read it and forget who the author is. But it does sound brilliant! I'm looking forward to reading it!

Won from Gollancz Dark Fantasy:

Kitty and the Midnight Hour by Carrie Vaughn
Will be reviewed on Ink and Paper. I am so looking forward to reading this! I've fancied this series for such a long time, so I'm excited I now have it to read! I won this as a runner up in Gollancz Dark Fantasy's "Dear Kitty" contest, where I wrote in as a vampire with fang ache.

Looks like I'm in for some good reading! :)


  1. You got some good ones. I really loved Beautiful Creatures and have pre-ordered Beautiful Darkness too. I also liked Firespell and Kitty and the Midnight Hour. Happy reading!

  2. Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading Beautiful Creatures & Darkness, they souds so good! Firespell and Kitty look brilliant, I'm excited to read them! :)

  3. Ooh, Beautiful Darkness! I'm really looking forward to checking out Elixir too, Enjoy!

  4. Thank you! I'm looking forward to reading both of them, they sound really good! :)

  5. Great mailbox, Jo. I think Elixir sounds interesting, I would like to see what Miss Duff can do on paper :)

  6. Wow what a great week. Happy reading

  7. Ladybug - Thank you! I'm looking forward to Elixir, but, as I said, I am slightly worried by the fact it's written by a star. We'll see!

    Emma - Thank you! :)

  8. I looked forward to reading Kitty and the Midnight Hour, but found I liked the idea of it more than the execution. I'm planning on reading the second one in the series before I review the first, in case it gets better (as many series do).

  9. Ooh, Elixir and BD! I've heard Firespell is great too,

    Happy reading! =)

  10. I'm curious about Elixr, I can't wait for your review of that.

    Yay for Beautiful Darkness. Those ladies sure know how to turn a phrase.

    Happy reading :-)

  11. Julianne - Oooh, thanks for the warning. I felt the same about Karen Chance's Cassie Palmerseries. Wasn't a fan of the first, but was persuaded to try the next one. She's one of my fave authors now :) Hope you enjoy the second one!

    Lea - Thank you! I'm looking forward to all three of them! Can't beat a good paranormal romance/urban fantasy! :)

    April - Cheers! I hope I end up writing a postive review of Elixir for you. I'm so looking forward to Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness! They sound so good!:)

  12. Awesome IMM! You're so lucky to have gotten an ARC of Beautiful Darkness!

    I'm a new follower!

    You can check out my IMM here!

  13. I'm seeing Elixir pop up everywhere this week. Not my cup of tea but I hope others enjoy it. I think it's my bias against Hillary Duff.

  14. Fab books this week, Jo! I'm jealous of Beautiful Darkness, hope you enjoy it! Happy reading ;)

  15. Claire - Thanks for following! Really looking forward to both Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness!

    Sarah - I know what you mean. But I'm willing to give it a go and ignore who it's written by, lol.

    Bookgirl - Thank you! Looking forward to Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness/

  16. Eeek! I want a copy of Firespell. I love that cover so much. Beautiful Creatures is on my TBR list and I can't wait to get a copy of Beautiful Darkness. Anyway, have a great week of reading :)

    Here's what I got this week :)

  17. Great books! I have the US ARC, and the UK finished (PB). So they look a bit funny together. :S

    Check out what I got this week here

  18. I love the cover of Elixir - anything with beautiful flowers on the cover, and I'm there.

  19. I love love love Carrie Vaughn's books. Happy Reading. Check out what was In My Mailbox.

  20. Tara - Thank you! I am so excited to read Firespell, Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness! They all sound so good!

    Cass - Thank you! US ARC and UK paperback of which books? Sorry, you didn't mention, and I don't know which you're talking about.

    Geekyreads - It is really beautiful! And it sounds pretty good!

    Lori - Thanks! I'm really looking forward to Kitty 1! :)