Thursday, 3 June 2010

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Book Signings: John Green in the UK

I received an email from Bloomsbury today with some exciting news! John Green, YA author of Paper Towns and Looking for Alaska is coming to the UK!

paper towns by john greenJohn Green will be at the Simpson Room in Waterstone's Piccadilly on Saturday 14th August at 2:30pm to talk about and sign copies of his latest book Paper Towns.

Tickets at £2, redeemable against the price of a book on the day
203/206 Piccadilly,
020 7851 2400

John will also be appearing at:
Edinburgh International Book Festival on:
Sunday 15th August at 4:30pm.
Tickets on sale on 26th June
0845 373 5888

How cool? Book your tickets now!


  1. I squeaked when I read that email! Are you going to the London one? I'm hoping to so if you were it would be great to meet up again.

  2. I will be at the London Piccadilly one! Yay!

  3. Sophie - I'm not sure yet. Maybe. I might go to see people mor than to get things signed - simply because I haven't read anything by him yet. Though I might have by the time the signing comes along - thanks to you, I have Looking for Alaska, and I have a review copy of Paper Towns. So we'll see. It would be good to see you too!

    Jenny - Oh, awesome! I may see you there! :)

  4. That's very cool...I wish I could be there. The UK is a place I dream to day...hmmmmm *start saving money*** LOL...have fun & take lots of pics : )

  5. Will do, if I'm able to go! :) Maybe he'll tour near you soon!

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Sophie. I think this calls for another UK book bloggers meet up. Especially if Jenny is coming all the way from Manchester to come. I will try to convince you this afternoon!

  7. Haha! Perhaps! :) It could be good! I'm just can't commit so early in advance.