Saturday, 4 July 2009

Contest: Extreme Kissing by Luisa Plaja

The fabulous Luisa Plaja is kindly giving away two copies of her novel Extreme Kissing!

As this is Sex in Teen Lit Month, we’ll keep it related. In Extreme Kisses, Carlota spends a lot of time taking advice from and following what her favourite magazine ‘Teen Spice!’ says.

For your chance to enter, leave a comment giving your opinion the influence of teenage magazines today, especially in regards to sex. Remember to include your email address.

No opinion, no entry!

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The contest is open worldwide, and will end on Saturday 11th July, 5:00pm GMT. The two winners will be chosen by, and announced on Sunday 9th July.



  1. Twitter RT'd the comp for you.
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  2. I'm afraid those are extra entries. They don't count unless you comment with your opinion on the influence of teenage magazines. Feel free to try again. Email is also needed, and I meant follow the blog, not on Twitter. I have edited the post to make these things clear.

  3. I personally feel that teenage magazines, especially amongst my peers, don't influence us regarding sex. We're usually more influenced (haha or controlled, rather) by what our community thinks, because anything regarding sex will be gossiped about and then parents/ teachers will come down heavily and do their authorotarian thing. If not for society, websites like scarletteen and have greater influence.

    To clarify, do you mean the extent of influence teenage magazines have on our opinions of sex, or the influence they have on our actual behaviors or actions? Because amongst my friends we have very liberal ideas, but we don't necessarily have sex or related behavior. Also, teen mags tend not to discuss sex alone but in relation to relationship issues, so that things like safe sex and masturbation are played down.

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    Enjoying SITL month so far! Thanks for doing this :D

  4. Thank you for your entries! :D I meant both, how the mags influence opinion and actions. It's always been a something me and my Dad will "argue" over. He feels teenagers shouldn't be finding out how to give oral sex or whatever from a magazine. I tend to agree with him, but I argue the other side.

  5. My daughter is 8 and I won't let her read some of the 'big girl' mags due to some of the features and letters printed inside.

    I understand they have to print about sex and stuff but why put it in a magazine with 'High School Musical' on the cover.

    Sometimes the target audience for the magazine gets forgotton as some mag covers are aimed at younger readers with freebie designed for a child .. but the contents aimed at 15+ girls.

    Not sure how and when I will buy her an 'older' mag, I suppose when she gets interested in boys or when she goes to high school - better she knows the terms/slang/definitions than look a right wally in sex-ed classes!!

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  6. Thanks for your entries!

  7. From what I can remember as a teenager, teenage magazines were very responsible about sex - they always emphasised the importance of protection and of waiting until you're ready.
    Having said that, reading about a lot of girls and their sexual problems did make you feel a bit left out if you weren't having sex - but I think the influence was overall very positive.
    I thought the comment about younger magazines was interesting because I have a friend who works for a magazine aimed at 10-year-old girls and she finds the constraints incredibly frustrating - no real-life issues (even things like divorce - she was asked to write photo-stories with 'no conflict'), no books except Jacqueline Wilson (who is great, but why not anyone else?) nothing except pictures of puppies, airbrushed ten-year-old model (oh yes they do) and adverts for fashion accessories.
    I also think its a shame that the emotional side of sex is only addressed in mags for girls - what sort of message does that send out? My fella and his mates regularly used to steal girl's magazines for the problem pages - you couldn't buy one, but that didn't mean you didn't need the information.

  8. Thank you for your entry! That really is quite interesting about the younger magazines. I can understand why they do that, but it seems very superfical, things aren't all rainbows and butterflies. I don't understand them only covering Jacqueline Wilson's novels, there has to be tons out there that aren't so heavily bogged down with "real life", right? Too much censoring maybe. And it's interesting that your bloke would steal girls mags; I don't read them, but do Nuts etc cover sex emotionally, or is it just physical? I'm sensing sexism - is that the word I want?

  9. Teen magazines have an immense influence on how teens view sex and being ready for sex and the way teens perceive the benefits/consequences of sex. I think that they have a huge responsibility to keep teens informed, while encouraging abstinence. I think that responsibility is tricky because they need to cater to both teens who are sexually active and teens that are abstinent and its not really an issue they can just ignore. I honestly think they realize that they have an influence and most try to do the right thing, but the problem is defining the right thing. How do you determine the right/wrong thing when there are so many different social standards regarding acceptability, appropriateness, and the concept of sex itself, let alone the concept of premarital sex? So to sum it up, I think that their influence is huge and that they try to do the right thing by teens today, but they don't necessarily always succeed.
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  10. Great points, Shesten! Thanks for your entries!